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Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship… You have probably heard those terms in daily life but you think you don’t know what exactly mean? Let us tell you what those terms mean to us:

First of all, in our opinion, all those terms are used to explain the same thing and generally in a false manner.

First Sustainability and Sustainable Development

A sustainable development is to meet necessary resources, by not draining them, that are necessary to supply future generations needs. As it can be understood it is a macro scaled development target and for that reason it isthe duty of states. Governmental bodies, via planning, target to secure society’s sustainable development. Organizations play different roles during this process. The basic role of the organizations is to be sustainable.

For us, a sustainable organization is one that employs business models enabling business success to continue in an ascending manner. Fort hat reason sustainability “is the main responsibility of all organizations”. The term “Corporate Responsibility” takes it roots from this understanding.

Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship… Which one of them is true?

“Corporate Responsibility” is a modern management understanding. It is management practice in which social, environmental, ethical and economic responsibilities are managed throught accountable, transparent policies, and stakeholder engagement. All other terms Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship, Social Responsibility, Societal Responsibility are mean the same. However, as a result of false perception those terms are used for “societal project”. This is absolutely a wrong use. Because, societal project reflect small implications of corporate responsibility and they form small part of whole framework.

Within this confusion, we are in favor of using the terms “sustainability” and “corporate responsibility”. If you analyse the terms above you’ll see that sustainability develops fundamental management understanding, whereas corporate responsibility develops the necessary application areas. At the end, in the light of this definition, one can conclude that sustainability and corporate responsibility are complementary.

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