Who are we?

Kıymet-i Harbiye is an Istanbul-based consultancy offering sustainability services since 2009. From grand strategy vision to detailed performance indicators, materiality assessment to trainings, we provide services in every aspect of sustainability management.
We come up with creative and simple solutions to big problems. We help you make better choices for organizations, people and our planet. Our goal is to create a happy future for everyone.

How can we help?


We strive to come up with a sustainability strategy that creates competitive advantage for you. We help you determine the goal you want to achieve, create roadmaps, prepare delegation plans, and identify performance indicators.


We have a large number of training programs that offer theoretical and practical knowledge. We offer the only GRI certified training program in Turkey.

Reporting and Communication

Sustainability Report? Integrated Report? Progress Report? CDP Report? We cater to all your reporting needs. We share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders in creative formats.

Emission Services

Stakeholder Engagement

How to engage with your stakeholders? Which issues should you focus? We help you create stakeholder maps and get together with your stakeholders on efficient communication platforms.


What are your competitors and the best in the world are doing? What are the new trends? Where are you in these developments? We are searching for you with an in-house methodology based on global standards.

Sustainability Management

What should you know about sustainability? How should you manage material issues? Who should participate in sustainability management? How to monitor your performance? We find it together.

Value Chain Sustainability

Do your suppliers, dealers, business partners comply with your sustainability strategy? Which performance indicators can make your value chain more sustainable? We monitor the sustainability performance of your value chain with effective methods.

Social Responsibility Projects

Which social responsibility project serves your sustainability strategy better? Do your existing projects create the value you want? What purpose should your social responsibility practices serve? We help you decide.

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